Wash Wax ALL is a biodegradable, high-quality, aircraft grade wet or waterless wash and wax in one product. Clean & protect your vehicle, with or without water, anytime, anywhere, with no restrictions. Simply spray on and wipe dry for waterless washing or spray on as you dry your just wet washed vehicle. Developed over 32 years ago for Aircraft. Works great on your RV, Car, Boat, and Motorcycle. Removes dirt without scratching. Simply spray on and wipe dry. Leaves an anti-static, non-stick, UV protective coating on all surfaces both inside and out. Meets Boeing Aircraft Cleaning Spec. Exterior D6-17487P, Interior D6-7127M, and AirBus AIMS 09-00-002. Safe on all surfaces including paint, gel coat, glass, chrome, aluminum, plastic, rubber, leather, vinyl, & more.

  • Gallon of Wash Wax ALL
  • 16oz Wash Wax ALL
  • 4 Microfiber Aero Towels
  • Product Guide and How To Use Guide
  • Easy to use - just spray on and wipe dry
  • Works as a waterless wash wax or Wax As You Dry after wet washing
  • Leaves an anti-static UV protective coating
  • Stays cleaner longer, cleans up easier
  • Meets Boeing & Airbus Aircraft cleaning specifications D6-17487R, D6-7127M, and AIMS 09-00-002
  1. Spray On - Spray area to be cleaned with Wash Wax ALL
  2. Agitate area with a damp towel. For light cleaning, Step 2 may not be necessary.
  3. Dry the area with a dry towel before Wash Wax ALL dries.


  • Always dry the Wash Wax ALL before it dries on its own
  • Wash Wax ALL one area at a time.
  • Rinse gritty materials such as mud, sand, and road salts from the surface before waterless or wet washing.
  • On hot or oxidized surfaces, use Step 2 Damp Towel. This will cool the area as you clean.
  1. Wash the vehicle as you normally do
  2. Before drying an area, spray on Wash Wax ALL
  3. Dry the area with a dry towel.



  • Wax as you Dry is the fastest way to apply wax to your vehicle. When Waxing as you Dry, you are able to completely wax your vehicle in the same amount of time it takes you to dry it after Wet Washing.
  • Wash Wax ALL is safe to use on all parts of your vehicle, both inside and out, including paint, gel coat, plastic, chrome, glass, leather, vinyl, etc.
  • Wax as you Dry can be used to dry off boats and watercraft after pulling them out if the water.

Also Wash Wax ALL works Faster, Easier, Safer with our unique collection of cleaning tools like The Wash Wax Mop, specifically desgined to waterless wash & wax vehicles. The only mop with two sides -One WET and one Dry. (Not included in this kit)

  • Faster, easier, waterless washing & drying
  • Safe - no ladderto climb
  • Wash anywhere - no restriction
  • Can also be used to Wax as you Dry after wet washing
  • Conserve with waterless wash




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Wet or Waterless Car Wash Wax Kit 144 oz. Aircraft Quality for Your Car RV Boat & Motorcycle

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