110~130V 250W
Material:Silicon rubber and the cloth of glass fiber.
Size:13cm*9cm(L*W) ,cable length about 210cm.
Voltage:110V~130V 250W
Fit for:Various automotive fuel tanks, water tanks, batteries,antifreeze heat insulation,ect.


110V 175W
Material: Alloy wire,Silicone rubber
Color: Orange
Heater size: length:13cm width:9cm
Wire length: 213cm
Insulation material the highest resistance temperature: 300 degrees
Power error: 8%
Insulation resistance:≥5 MΩ
Compressive strength: 1500v/5s
Resistance voltage: 6KV
Power:110v 175w

-Fast heating, uniform temperature, high thermal efficiency, high strength, easy to use, safe life for up to four years, not easy to aging.
-The silicon rubber heater can be used in the wet, non explosive gas environment, industrial equipment, pipelines, tank barrels with heat insulation (oil heater).
-Can be used as the auxiliary heating of the refrigeration and air conditioning compressor, motor and other equipment.
-Can be used as medical devices (such as blood analyzer, test tube heater, medical care, slimming belt corset heat compensation etc.).
-Well waterproof performance, fast temperature rising, temperature uniformity,High thermal efficiency, well toughness .
-Conform to the American UL94 level V0 flame resistant standard.
-Easy to use, safe service life for ten years, not easy aging.
-Can be directly tied to the surface of heated objects.

-Use pressure-sensitive adhesive to stick it on the flat and smooth artifacts
-The maximum service temperature of pressure sensitive adhesive: 150℃ Continuous temperature, 230℃instantaneous temperature. Power density is less than 0.9 W/c ㎡
-Silicone rubber heater with pressure sensitive adhesive should be used in half a year after processing, otherwise it will influence on the performance of the glue using

-The electric heating device must pay attention to use, its working temperature should be less than 240 ℃, the continuous use instantaneous does not exceed 300 ℃.
-when the work temperature less than 240 ℃, the current density is up to 3 w/c ㎡
-Paste the type installation conditions, allowed working temperature less than 150 ℃
-Working voltage selection with high power high voltage, low power low voltage for the principle, special needs can be exceptions.

Package Included
1 x Heater Pad

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